regarding Sculpt on virt_qemu_riscv

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Wed Feb 22 17:45:14 CET 2023


On 2/22/23 12:27, Pranab Kumar Rout cs21m045 wrote:
>     [/home/pranab/MTP/r5/genode/tool/depot/mk/build_bin_archive:208:
>     /home/pranab/MTP/r5/genode/depot/genodelabs/bin/riscv/gpt_write/] Error 1

the error happens during the build of the depot archive bin/gpt_write, 
which apparently uses the 'jitterentropy' api, according to [1].


This makes me wondering if you may possibly have missed to update the 
recipe for the jitterentopy API [2] that is used to assemble the content 
in depot/<user>/api/jitterentropy/<version>/?


To cross-check, have you tried building 'app/gpt_write' directly from 
within your build directory? If that works, the error is merely the 
packaging issue as suspected above.


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