regarding Sculpt on virt_qemu_riscv

Martin Stein martin.stein at
Thu Feb 16 09:26:42 CET 2023

Hi Pranab,

I just added an artificial compile error to my plugin.c and did [1].
Once I got the error, I removed the bug and did [1] again. The second
attempt was successful and didn't take much time. Note that the last
three arguments of the command line are equivalent to putting [2] in
your etc/build.conf when a run script uses the depot (e.g. run/sculpt).
It produces the "official" least amount of re-compilation.


[1] ./tool/depot/create local/bin/riscv/bash-minimal -j8 CCACHE=1
[2] RUN_OPT += --depot-auto-update

On 15.02.23 14:44, Pranab Kumar Rout cs21m045 wrote:
> Hi,
> I am getting this error while doing:
>> make run/sculpt KERNEL=hw BOARD=virt_qemu_riscv
> I don't have a different setup, I am using the master branch only.
> As Alexander pointed out, it looks like I need to downgrade my gnu bison
> (which is now 3.5.1) to some 2.xx
> otherwise if its already present in depot, how do I skip the
> re-generation? Do I have to configure any file?
> Will it affect my process of building sculpt image?
> Please advise.
> regards,
> Pranab

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