regarding Sculpt on virt_qemu_riscv

Martin Stein martin.stein at
Mon Feb 13 20:40:20 CET 2023

Hi Pranab,

On 13.02.23 17:32, Pranab Kumar Rout cs21m045 wrote:
> [init -> test-log] Test done.
> and, Qemu popped up with a text "*Guest has not initialized the display
> yet*".
> Please tell me if this is all what I should expect from 'make run/log'
> or if I have done something wrong ?

Yes, this can be considered a successful run of the log test. Why you
had to download the firmware and run the image manually is out of my
scope of knowledge.

> P.S. /- /The drivers_interactive package for this platform (riscv), is
> not in /'repos/os/recipes/raw/' .... /rather its present
> in/'genode/repos/riscv/recipes/raw'./

On branch genodelabs/master the archives are located here:


I assume the problem is that your Sculpt configuration references the
wrong recipe names (drivers_interactive-virt_riscv instead of

> All recipes related to riscv was not with genode, I had to add it into
> /'genode/repos/' /from github.

This is normal. the genodelabs repo contains only the basic OS
framework. Other platforms like RISC-V have their own repository. In the
end this is transparent to the build system because all repositories you
select are seen like "combined" as a single source tree. You don't have
to move stuff around from one repo to another!

I hope that helped?


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