Testing sculpt image on pinephone

Martin Stein martin.stein at genode-labs.com
Mon Feb 6 13:56:47 CET 2023

Hi Sagar,

AFAIK, the Uboot bootloader is simply tied to booting from the SD-card.
You would have to patch/configure Uboot to use the eMMC instead and
re-install it. It might even be, that this is merely a boot env
parameter that can be changed at runtime. I don't know the details.

Does this help?


On 06.02.23 13:37, Sagar Acharya via users wrote:
> I flashed an sd card on Pinephone Beta edition 3GB. It booted into GUI nicely
> I also tried flashing it on internal mmc of 32GB but it doesn't bootup. Has anyone managed to boot up from internal memory? I don't see how it should be any different!
> Thanking you
> Sagar Acharya
> https://designman.org
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