Running genode on QEMU having board support of raspberry pi for arm_v8.

Martin Stein martin.stein at
Thu Feb 2 10:59:02 CET 2023

I almost forgot,

You might want to do this to speed up building (after having installed

cd genode/build/arm_v8a/
echo "CCACHE := yes" >> etc/build.conf
echo "MAKE += -j4" >> etc/build.conf

If you eventually want to go to real hardware:

cd genode/build/arm_v8a/
sed -i 's/^BOARD_RUN_OPT(rpi3)/#BOARD_RUN_OPT(rpi3)/' etc/build.conf
echo "BOARD_RUN_OPT(rpi3) := --include image/uboot" >> etc/build.conf
make run/log KERNEL=hw BOARD=rpi3
ls var/run/log/boot/uImage

On 02.02.23 10:02, Martin Stein wrote:
> Furthermore,
> The corresponding boot image is this one:
> genode/build/arm_v8a/var/run/log/boot/image.elf
> Copies with additional debugging information (gdb and friends) of the
> objects that form part of the boot image are stored in here:
> ls genode/build/arm_v8a/debug/
> core-hw-rpi3.a  init  test-log
> Here are some links for the in-depth story behind Genode on RPI3/ARMv8a:
> -> The "ARMv8" articles
> -> The "Raspberry PI" articles
> Please don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions ;)
> Cheers,
> Martin

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