First system image of Sculpt OS for the PinePhone

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Thu Feb 2 08:45:22 CET 2023


I'm happy to announce the first system image of Sculpt OS for the PinePhone:

Thanks to the wonderful team at Genode Labs for having made that 
possible! Speaking for myself, I'm overjoyed. :-)

BTW, I will present this version on Saturday at FOSDEM in Brussels:

For the immediate testing period at the current stage, I am mostly 
interested in the operation of the modem and the overall robustness. 
Hence, I would appreciate your responses with testing mobile-data 
connectivity and voice calls as well as reporting of glaring bugs or 

Regarding the use as daily driver for me personally, I see two blocking 
issues, which I will tackle next.

- A sleep mode that turns off the screen after a few seconds of no
   interactivity. I think with this change, one battery charge could
   get us through the day.

- A prolonged standby mode that switches off the application processor
   and keeps the SCP watching the modem for incoming calls and booting
   the application processor on such events. This will ultimately allow
   us stay receptive for incoming calls for several days without

Should you like to experiment with building / experimenting / modifying 
the system, please share your rough direction so that I can supplement 
further documentation to support you.

Wishing you fun with trying out Sculpt OS on the PinePhone!


Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske
Genode Labs ·

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