Goa: build libraries fails on arm_v8a

Pirmin Duss pirmin.duss at gapfruit.com
Wed Feb 1 22:05:15 CET 2023

Hello again too,

On 2/1/23 17:23, Sebastian Sumpf wrote:

> 1. libgcc is in ld.lib.so on Genode, so you should link against 
> ld.lib.so or its api and get rid of -lgcc and  -static-libgcc. The 
> pthread things are in libc.lib.so

Would this be only for libraries or for binaries too? I'm asking, as I 
did not introduce this, but only modified code that was there before.

> 2. Because of the error you encountered it might very well be that the 
> resulting shared object will not contain a .dynamic section. This would 
> make it impossible for the dynamic linker to load the library at 
> runtime. So, please make sure with

At least on x86_64 the WasmEdge binary was able to use the resulting 

> ! genode-aarch64-objdump -ph libc++.lib.so
> that the library has a PT_DYNAMIC segment as well as a .dynamic section 
> with data in it once you got everything linked together. You can also 
> send the output here and I will have a look.

I will check that and send you the output, if necessary.


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