Genode on RK3588 and Emulation

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Sun Oct 23 11:41:57 CEST 2022

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> Hi Michael,

> thank you for announcing your upcoming work here.

>> As a follow up. Is there a way to use cmake in Genode sources? Like a
>> crosscompile file.

> There is no ready-to-use solution but your idea should be doable.

> As a starting point, you may have a look at the Goa tool [1] that
> integrates popular build tools like CMake with Genode. The most
> important parts for the CMake integration are [2,3,4].

> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> /cmake.tcl
> [4]

> Note that Goa works on the basis of Genode's depot packages, not the
> Genode source repository. But I think that the way of how Goa invokes
> CMake could also work for calling CMake from the Genode build system -
> similar to how some Genode targets use autoconf via [5].

> [5]
Thanks for te quick answer.

I think I will try (already sort of done) to extract which files I need to 
buld. I hope that I can skip cmake for the emulator.

I also found my backup from my previous aarch64 Genode project which will 
help me to get the board up and running.

The only thing that stops me now is that I need to find a cooling block 
for the board, for some very odd reason I need to cool two chips, and one 
of them are lower than the other :/

Best regards,
Michael Grunditz

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