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Hello Colin,

thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

On Tue, Jan 04, 2022 at 07:12:36PM -0500, Colin Parker wrote:
> So, encouraged, by one of this year's themes, I started trying to port the
> linux ath9k driver. Unfortunately, I did not experience the same success as
> others. For example the new lx_emul/lx_kit is conceptually very nice, and I
> was excited about it, but I'm running into snags because I don't think it's
> completely implemented yet for x86. It's also a little sad to me that there
> is no way to take what is, under linux, a platform indepedent USB driver,
> and make a platform indepedent Genode component, because the porting
> process seems to depend on the architecture. I guess the actionable step
> here is for me to finish porting the driver, but it would be great to know
> what the plans for intel are, if the dde_linux is under development now, or
> if I need to hack it myself to make it work under x86.

You're right, currently the new dde_linux/lx_kit was developed for
ARM64 only. Nevertheless, beginning from today we start to update our
x86 driver base including framebuffer, usb host and wifi driver to use
the new approach, and concurrently update the Linux kernel source to a
recent version.
We are confident to have first working results at the end of March.
Then when an updated version of the Intel WiFi driver is running
successfully that is using the new dde_linux/lx_kit, it might be a good
time to step in and port the Atheros card.

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> Best wishes to all for the new year,
> CP

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