native gcc and external image mount example

Alexander Tormasov a.tormasov at
Wed Jan 5 19:14:55 CET 2022

I am considering native (not cross compilation) support of golang inside genode.
I made two first steps - port golang runtime using cross compilation via genode toolchain and check it with tcp support  inside qemu x86_64/arm64.

Now I want to run gccgo  and related binutils (files from gcc like gccgo/go1/as/ld/etc) natively inside genode using qemu. 

do anyone have an example to run gcc inside genode?
I remember that sometimes ago it was mentioned, while I did not find any test in repos/
I can build it using "make noux/gcc_x86» - but any examples how to utilise it inside genode image?
like to compile and run «helloworld.c» inside?

Also I need a persistent partition (eg linux loopback image) to be mounted via qemu.
Do we have any examples how I can create such image, attach it to qemu, mount/umount it inside?
I need this to keep compiled code inside qemu.
preferably with file system with journalling support if any (ext3/4? not talking about btrfs)


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