Announcement: Sculpt OS 21.10 released

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Thu Oct 14 15:39:27 CEST 2021

Hello everyone,

today we have released the version 21.10 of the Sculpt operating system,
which incorporates many of Genode's recent developments.

To highlight the most prominent additions:

- GPU-accelerated graphics for Intel GPUs of generations 8 and newer
- Media playback in the Chromium-based web browser
- USB webcam support
- VirtualBox 6 in addition to VirtualBox 5
- Encrypted file store based on our custom CBE block encrypter

It goes without saying that the new release is accompanied with an
updated manual:

A ready-to-use disk image is provided at the Sculpt download page:

We plan to cover individual features by dedicated articles at the website.

Updating from Sculpt 21.03

Users of Sculpt 21.03 will feel just at home with the new version. When
updating to the new version, please nevertheless pay attention to the
following changes.

- Should you use a manually managed NIC-router configuration, note that
  the attribute 'dns_server_from' has been renamed to 'dns_config_from'.

- For using VirtualBox 6 instead of VirtualBox 5, note that the machine
  configuration file is not 100% compatible. For this reason, version 6
  requests a file named 'machine.vbox6'. So you can maintain the machine
  configurations for both versions side by side. A working template for
  a 'machine.vbox6' file comes installed along with the vbox6 package.
  You can find it at depot/genodelabs/raw/vbox6/2021-10-05/machine.vbox6

  Note that version 6 is not time-tested yet.
  Please use it with caution.

- The RTC driver is no longer part of the base system but is now
  provided as an optional component called "system clock-pc". It is
  available in the tools menu of the genodelabs depot.

- The recall_fs launcher has been replaced by the recall_fs package,
  which eases the use of multiple instances of the component, e.g.,
  one in front of the file vault and one behind the file vault.

- Depot index files are now annotated with the CPU architectures
  supported by the author. Should you provide an index file, please
  see for more

Have fun with the new version of Sculpt OS!


Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske
Genode Labs ·

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