Libc Socket in Thread

Kevin Burton kevin.burton at
Mon Oct 4 12:35:16 CEST 2021


I am new to Genode and currently writing a program in which two 
components communicate with each other over virtual ethernet. The 
communication using a NIC router works completely fine if started from 
the main component, but fails whenever initiated from a thread. Hereby

Error: pthread_self() called from alien thread named 'Broker Thread'
no RM attachment (READ pf_addr=0x4b8 pf_ip=0x10f62dfc from pager_object: 
pd='init -> manager' thread='Broker Thread')

is thrown when the 'connect' function is called. I have tried resolving 
this by simply allocating some RAM and also by initializing a sliced 
heap, both to no avail. Unfortunately it is imperative for the component 
to initialize a connection from within a thread. Therefore I would be 
very grateful for any help regarding this issue. I have attached the 
thread's code to this mail.

Kind regards,

Kevin Burton

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