Questions regarding Issue #4323

Costin Grigore costinteo at
Sat Nov 13 15:19:32 CET 2021

I'm a final year CS B.S. student. I was looking for an interesting project
/ thesis for my Bachelor and my professor suggested I take a look into
Genode (besides other things). I find the project fascinating, even though
I don't nearly possess enough information to fully understand it. Browsing
through the issue tracker, I saw Issue #4323, regarding a possible memory
leak. To my understanding, this would be a very easy fix, just free the
void pointer that was allocated. Is that enough? I've also found one other
place (and there could be more) where this happens again. The same idea ->
allocated memory that doesn't get deallocated if the mapping fails.
How should I go about helping with this? Search for such spots and add a
deallocation for each I find, then create a pull request?

Thanks in advance,
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