Italian keyboard layout (was: General Improvements for Sculpt)

Christian Helmuth christian.helmuth at
Mon Mar 22 14:45:37 CET 2021

Hello Edoardo,

On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 09:20:50 CET, Edoardo Mantovani wrote:
> ok, now it works, note that I must hit the ALT + SHIFT key for having a
> beautiful "{" / "}" chars,
> note that in the italian keyboard there is the AltGr key which, for now,
> still didn't works(as said, I do instead ALT+GR for getting the braces).

I'm struggling to understand your message, so let's make sure I get
you right by rephrasing what I understood:

1. ALT + SHIFT + [ produces {

2. ALT is not AltGr and AltGr does not work, which means
   AltGr + [         does _not_ produce {   as well as
   AltGr + SHIFT + [ does _not_ produce {

3. You just use ALT+SHIFT because AltGr does not work but you want
   AltGr as modifier for { and }.

Could you please test for further investigation if in your scenario
the de_de.chargen and pressing "AltGr+Q" produces "@"?

Is there any chance you send a link to a keyboard layout picture or
page that describes the layout you desire?

Or even better: Could you send the output of

  setxkbmap -query

and a setxkbmap command line for your layout under Linux like

  setxkbmap -print -model pc105 -option -layout de -variant nodeadkeys


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