What I want to do.

Michael Grunditz michael.grunditz at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 13:35:49 CET 2021

Hi Genodians,

I would like to tell you what I am trying to achieve.

I want to have Genode as a service system for RISC OS. When aarch32 is 
dropped from Cortex cpu's it will also provide emulation services.

Right now I run RISC OS fully natively on core 1 and Genode on core 0 
(A53). The reason for doing this on iMX8M is that it , since a week or so 
, is supported by both systems.

Besides drivers , I also want to take advantage from some apps. A  good 
example is a webbrowser. Genode is much better suited to run such 
applications. The idea is to run render and network tasks on Genode , but 
with a RISC OS allocated buffer as its framebuffer. On RISC OS it will 
look and feel like a native app.

It will also be a base for converting RISC OS kernel to C. By trapping 
SWI's from RISC OS to Genode I can implement them in C/C++. The goal is to 
have as much as possible running natively on aarch64. Today the RISC OS 
kernel is assembler.

I want to keep the RISC OS experience as it is today, and this hybrid 
solution is a experiment to see how it all can be solved.

If you don't like this project , please tell me now!

       Michael Grunditz
Sent from my RISC OS workstation..

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