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Hello Norman,
I wrote on github for an error that I received everytime I execute goa,
the error is the following:

/usr/local/genode/tool/current/bin/genode-x86-gcc: 1:
/usr/local/genode/tool/current/bin/genode-x86-gcc: Syntax error: "("
while executing
"exec $cross_dev_prefix\gcc -print-libgcc-file-name"
(file "/home/sgrjlhgwl/goa/share/goa/lib/flags.tcl" line 14)
invoked from within
"source [file join $tool_dir lib flags.tcl]"
invoked from within
"if {$perform(build-dir)} {

# Prepare depot content for the used APIs and generate ABI stubs
# This must happen before assembling the compile ..."
(file "/home/sgrjlhgwl/goa/bin/goa" line 495)

Note that I have installed all prerequisites ( I  am using Ubuntu)

Edoardo Mantovani, 2021

Il giorno lun 22 feb 2021 alle ore 11:38 Josef Söntgen <
josef.soentgen at> ha scritto:

> Hello Edoardo,
> > I don't know if  "Chocolate Doom" is the homonymous video game, but
> > unfortunately I wasn't able to play it cause an infinite "I_init:
> > setting up machine state", the audio driver was the bsd_audio_drv
> > while the wm was the themed_wm (internet connection under nic_router),
> > do you know if I am doing anything wrong? I am not big fans of video
> > games, but I would like to try it!
> This is a known problem - some archives referenced by my index no
> longer work on vanilla Sculpt-20.08. Since I do not plan to update the
> archives I removed my index file to prevent others from stumpling upon
> this issue.
> > Josef, I started yesterday studying how Genode handles wifi connections,
> > it is almost identical to Linux, for the software stack (mac80211 and
> > cfg80211) but I haven't understood why in ( the text file
> > you linked to me ), in Fw_list struct some firmware images have NULL
> > as available name while others have their correspondent name? Are
> > still unimplemented some models ?
> For some devices the driver will ask for a different firmware version
> than is available because the the driver supports a range of different
> versions. However, not all supported firmware versions are publicly
> available (or were not at the time support for a device was added to
> the wifi_drv). In this case we supply the firmware version we have at
> hand. If you follow the implementation of 'request_firmware_nowait()'
> the intention becomes clear.
> > I would like to start writing a software stack for BLE, any hints?
> > Bluez could be a good starting point but honestly, I have no idea of
> > how to port it on A non Unix system.
> I have no experience with BLE; the general approach would be to look at
> how other OS' implement the stack - which parts are implemented by a
> kernel driver and which parts are implemented as user-land component
> and go from there.
> One example would by our USB LTE modem stack where we ported the kernel
> driver from Linux and created a driver component that presents the data
> channel as a Uplink session and the management channel as a Terminal
> session. The 'mbimcli' port uses the Terminal session via the libc and
> VFS to perform the necessary configuration of the modem while the Uplink
> is used to transfer the data. So in this case you have two components,
> a driver and a configuration component.
> Regards
> Josef
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