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Hello Edoardo,

> =========================
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> *) I asked for the documentation on it before speaking (Thanks
> Alexander), it is extremely similar to Linux wireless subsystem,
> except for a modified libnl support for user space, could I have the
> source code for it? I would like to study the modification you've
> apported for libnl.
> I am pretty fascinated by those modified subsystems.

You can find all modifications in Genode's git repository in the 'dde_linux'
repo [1], in particular 'src/lib/libnl'. The 14.11 [2] release-notes contain
an overview of the architecture of the 'wifi_drv' component. Although some
things are different by now the overall picture is similar.


> *) It would be great to extend the range for other devices, I saw you
> implemented only the iwlwifi driver, would be great to implement also
> brcmf (both HardMac and SoftMac) and even Qualcomm's wireless card, I
> can give my full support for that.

Having support for more/different wireless devices is certainly useful
and at some point necessary. If you would like to join this effort, I
can give you some hints on where or how to start.

> /*
> *) I have some ideas for controlling the iwlwifi blob, for now I would
> like to test it on my own, in general it would be great to
> ""customize"" the "blob loading".
> */

If you look into 'repos/dde_linux/src/lib/wifi/' you will see
that the firmware blobs are simply requested via a ROM session. With
some tinkering in Sculpt you could set the system up in a way that it
becomes possible to load the firmware-images differently.

Regards Josef

Josef Söntgen
Genode Labs ·
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