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That's great, but my ideas target directly the os implementation, I
was thinking to embed the tool-tip into the node "focus" code for
leveraging the delay (maybe the option can be deactivated from an
"options launcher").

Your scheme also seems interesting to me, but think that I am not so
expert in GUI programming, those were only some of my thoughts.

Edoardo Mantovani, 2021

Il giorno sab 23 gen 2021 alle ore 16:43 <ttcoder at> ha scritto:
> > =======================
> >
> > *) I know that this operating system is not developed to be user
> > friendly, but it could be great to put some helps for beginners, like
> > a graphical  instruction box when clicking on certain things in
> > Leitzentrale, a graphical example could be the following:
> >
> > |------------|
> >                |-------|
> > |  depot   | (when clicking on it appears an info box) --> | info  |
> > |_______|
> >           |-------|
> >
> > (sorry for the bad ASCII image)
> Can't contribute much or at all for the rest, but here's my 2 cents on app discovery and inline help : in my apps I provide a thin text-field (one-liner label with reduced font size) at the bottom of all windows, and change the text dynamically when the mouse pointer hovers over various buttons or menus or whichever widget.
> Something similar occurs in a web browser, but only when you hover above a URL, so much less useful. From my memories of using MS Word a few centuries ago I think it provded something similar too, though restricted to menu items, not toolbar buttons.
> The alternative is to use tool-tips, but I'm not a big fan of those (the short delay before a tooltip appears is too long when you actually want to explore/discover the UI, and too short when you don't ; by contrast, my scheme is instant when you need it, and does not get in the way when you don't look at it).
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