Stealing focus matter

GPT gptmailinglists at
Sat Jan 23 15:22:50 CET 2021


I hope that it is not too late to ask your community to consider very
seriously the matter of stealing focus that other OS/DEs suffer from.

To be more precise, after starting my computer I choose 5 apps to get
opened. While they are opening I choose the 2nd one (which opened) to
work with. Now, the other 3 apps should complete start without coming
forward and interrupt my work. They just appear in the task bar,
either flashing, lighting or not. This feature would also be a general
option, like: "Allow stealing focus: false/true".

Thanks in advance.

PS: "Always on Top" is not a SERIOUS solution at all!!! Discussing
with some DE developers I was told that it is a matter of OS and not
of DE. OS allows app windows to comes up.

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