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On 20.01.21 12:16, Edoardo Mantovani wrote:
> I am new to Genode os, I've tried it for an once and I found it
> beautiful, but honestly I still don't know if (and how) I can install
> it on "my hardware's " pc.
> (I am currently using Sculpt 20-08)

running Sculpt from the USB stick is the easiest and advised way to run it on hardware.

Beside that, we have no further "installer" support.

Of course you can get Sculpt to boot directly from a hard disk, but this involves some manual steps you have to do on your own, e.g.

a) Copy the Sculpt 20.08 image manually with 'dd' to your hard disk. The Sculpt image is a bootable GPT disk image, containing everything necessary to come up, e.g. GRUB2 boot loader for BIOS legacy and UEFI boot. Of course, by doing this you would lose everything installed before on the disk. After you booted successful from disk, you will have to use the "expand" feature available via the Sculpt Leitzentrale, to expand the partition and filesystem to get access to the full size of your hard disk.

b) If you have already a Linux system on your hard disk, you will need a free ext2 partition. Into that you can copy the content of the GENODE partition from the USB stick. Within you Linux distro you have to pursue the steps to add another boot entry. This steps depends on your distro and you should look up the guides how to do that. The content of the additional boot entry you may take from the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file of your  new (GENODE) ext2 partition or chain load just the whole configuration. If you succeed with that, you will have during boot your Linux boot entry and a Sculpt boot entry.

As you see, it efforts some manual steps, but I hope the pointers help.


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