VMM for arm64 / Error on booting in I.MX8MQ EVK

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Fri Jan 8 11:20:13 CET 2021

Hello Christo,

On Fri, Jan 08, 2021 at 09:19:13AM +0000, fixed-term.christo.bita at sojus-software.de wrote:
> Hallo all together,
> I am working on a scenario that includes the Genode's VMM hosting a Linux VM. For the first test:
> a) I build a Linux VM after the instructions from https://genodians.org/ssumpf/2020-02-24-linux-vm . (https://genodians.org/ssumpf/2020-02-24-linux-vm)
> b) The Linux Image, initrd and the dtb binary are in (genode-dir)/build/arm_v8a/bin copied.
> c) Build the run/vmm_arm for KERNEL=hw BOARD=imx8q_evk
> d)Booted the uImage from var/run/vmm_arm
> The result is as following:
> ## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 50000000 ...
>    Image Name:   
>    Image Type:   AArch64 Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
>    Data Size:    12335823 Bytes = 11.8 MiB
>    Load Address: 40010000
>    Entry Point:  40010000
>    Verifying Checksum ... OK
>    Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
> Starting kernel ...
>        kernel initialized
> ROM modules:
>  ROM: [000000004025d000,000000004025e742) LICENSE.bitstream-vera
>  ROM: [00000000404fb000,000000004050b9b7) README
>  ROM: [0000000041153000,0000000041153006) VERSION
>  ROM: [00000000401bf000,00000000401cf18c) Vera.ttf
>  ROM: [00000000404b0000,00000000404bc048) VeraMono.ttf
>  ROM: [0000000040d56000,0000000040d6bfb8) backdrop
>  ROM: [0000000041a96000,0000000041b56800) bash-minimal.tar
>  ROM: [0000000040d3c000,0000000040d3c05c) block_devices.report
>  ROM: [0000000040d88000,0000000040e18360) bootstrap-hw-imx8q_evk.o
>  ROM: [0000000041a08000,0000000041a24758) cached_fs_rom
>  ROM: [0000000040d3d000,0000000040d558b8) chroot
>  ROM: [0000000041d22000,0000000041d3a058) clipboard
>                        ...............
> 3038 MiB RAM and 64533 caps assigned to init
> [init] Warning: runtime assigned RAM (32G) exceeds available RAM (2845327784)
> [init] Error: RAM preservation exceeds available memory
> [init -> log_kernel] Error: ROM-session creation failed (ram_quota=6144, cap_quota=3, label="log")
> [init -> log_kernel] Error: Could not open ROM session for "log"
> [init -> log_kernel] Error: Uncaught exception of type 'Genode::Rom_connection::Rom_connection_failed'
> [init -> log_kernel] Warning: abort called - thread: ep
> [init -> config_fs] tar archive 'launcher.tar' local at 0x121000, size is 12288
>                         ....
> [init -> report_fs] Warning: ram donation is 182700 but used RAM is 184320B, 'ro'
> [init -> report_fs] Warning: cap donation is 11 but used caps is 12, 'ro'
> [init -> report_fs_rom] /drivers/usb_active_config ROM file is missing
> [init -> report_fs_rom] /drivers/usb_active_config ROM file is missing
> [init -> report_fs_rom] /drivers/usb_active_config ROM file is missing
> [init -> report_fs_rom] /drivers/usb_active_config ROM file is missing
> I presume something went wrong during the initialization process. Where does the value of the assigned RAM comes from? Is the exceeded value of requested RAM that causes the scenario to fail? 

it might be that missing RAM or CAPs lead to a freeze in the
initialization progress. Given your log output above, it is not
necessarily the reason. A component might consume more RAM or CAPs
than configured, as long as there is enough available.

Anyway, it is hard to decide what was going wrong, because I'm not
even sure what scenario you are booting. It is surely not the
vmm_arm.run script. In that scenario there is no bash, backdrop, or
report_fs component involved. Is it possible that you are booting
something different than you are assuming? It actually looks like
sculpt OS or a similar scenario. Please double check what kind of
uImage you are booting.
Or did you changed the run-script heavily? If so, please provide all
modifications you did, and the full log output so we can better
evaluate what is going on.

Best regards

>                                                                        Best regards,
>                                                                                    Christo

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