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Sid Hussmann sid.hussmann at
Mon Jan 4 23:01:20 CET 2021

Hi Norman,

 > I think this mechanism has a lot of potential. E.g., for simplifying
 > scenarios like the ssh-exec server.
 > Since you linked the issue, would now be a good time for a wrap-up,
 > considering the feature for staging?

Thank you. I share your view on the potential of this feature. Yes, now 
is a good time to wrap-up this feature for staging. We can move the 
discussion the github issue.

 > From my perspective, it is exciting to see your commitment to the Go
 > support. I'm curious how this story continues.
 > How do you feel about mentioning this topic on the official road map?

That would be great!

 > Can you foresee which Genode version would be a realistic goal for
 > this feature?

My teammates Sergey Platonov, Stefan Thöni and Pirmin Duss are currently 
getting their hands dirty by investigating how much effort the Go 
support really is. It's not so trivial to estimate. I will keep you 
posted. It would be awesome if we could join forces for this endeavor!


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