acpi_drv / platform_drv support

Joerg-C. Boehme joerg at
Thu Feb 25 15:29:47 CET 2021

Hi Christian,

thanks for the quick answer.

Am Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2021 15:58:50 CET schrieb Christian Helmuth:
> The reason is not the missing
> PCIe capability but that Qemu's i440FX chipset does not support
> ECAM/MMCONF (memory-mapped) PCI configuration space access.
I found in the PCI/PCI Express Configuration Space Access documentation [1] 
following sentence: PCI Express defines an Enhanced Configuration Access
mechanism (ECAM).
This means, i440FX chipset type based hardware [2] are old Pentium hardware
and PCIe did not exist on it.

I don't want to be petty but I need a "criteria" to "sort" my hardware for 
genode :-)
At least where I can use the "acpi_drv".

Again thanks for your answer and also for the support.



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