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Sergey Platonov sergey.platonov at gapfruit.com
Mon Feb 15 06:59:09 CET 2021

I have modified your example: just added some networking to your go app. 
I have attached the file to the letter.

Oh, I think, I haven't mentioned it before. To enable the networking in 
the QEMU you need to add the following line to the run script:

For me, localhost still wasn't available, so I was connecting to a 
remote host.

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Alexander Tormasov писал 09.02.2021 19:46:

> Thank you! I will try to return to this topic.
> By the way, what test you do use for debugging?
> Just to try to understand configs/etc - my genode network experience is 
> a bit limited...
> Sincerely,
> Alexander
>> 1 февр. 2021 г., в 12:38, Sergey Platonov 
>> <sergey.platonov at gapfruit.com> написал(а):
>> Hello all
>> We have invested some time analyzing golang and how much it will take 
>> to make it production-ready.
>> The build system requires some effort, and it's not fully clear if 
>> it's a one-time effort. Different golang projects use other build 
>> systems (bazel and so on).
>> Networking is crucial for us, and we invested most of our time making 
>> it work. Unfortunately, we failed to do so: it seems the goroutines 
>> scheduler makes some assumptions that we overlooked. So, at the end of 
>> the day, we have a network that sometimes works.
>> I have proposed a patch [1] that will fix some issues and hopefully 
>> help someone later on.
>> Unfortunately, we will not invest more resources in porting golang 
>> since it seems too resource-consuming for our small team.
>> [1] https://github.com/tor-m6/genode/pull/1
>> Regards, Sergey
>> --
>> gapfruit AG
>> Baarerstrasse 135
>> 6300 Zug
>> +41 762 444 560
>> sergey.platonov at gapfruit.com
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