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Norman Feske norman.feske at genode-labs.com
Thu Oct 15 17:24:42 CEST 2020

Hi Michael,

> Or not. I don't know about Dataspace_capabilities. What is it and how
> can I get it?

here is a small example of allocating a RAM dataspace and attaching it
to the local address space:

  Dataspace_capability ds = env.pd().alloc(4096);

  void *local_ptr =
                    0,         /* map entire dataspace */
                    0,         /* no offset within dataspace */
                    false,     /* ignore local addr */
                    (void *)0, /* local addr */
                    true,      /* executable */
                    true       /* writeable */);

  log("RAM dataspace locally mapped at ", local_ptr);

For the underlying concepts, let me refer you to the Genode Foundations



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