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Thu Oct 1 14:15:26 CEST 2020

Hello Pirmin,

On Thu, Oct 01, 2020 at 01:43:12PM +0200, Duss Pirmin wrote:
> Hi Genodians
> I'm enabling base-hw on the IoT gateway of CompuLab [1].
> I do this in a separate repository in the same way as arndale, panda etc
> are done in genode-world. This works well apart from some minor
> modifications on the imx8q_evk (for which I will create an issue as soon
> everything is finalized and cleaned up).
> The only thing I'm struggling with is that /tool/run/boot_dir/hw isn't
> used. This leads to the error
> unknown platform no linker address known
> If I add the platform to genode/tool/run/boot_dir/hw building works. But
> as with the other out of tree platforms I'd like to keep the platform
> out of the Genode repository, for cleanness.
> The repository is linked to genode/repos/... and added to REPOSITORIES
> in build/arm_v8a/etc/build.conf.

The problem with the linker address is already solved. You can shadow
the `tool/run/boot_dir/hw` path. This is explained (partly) in release notes


You add the empty file `tool/run/boot_dir/hw` to your repository
include the original version of the genode main repository in that
file with the following line:

  source  [genode_dir]/tool/run/boot_dir/hw

Now, you can overwrite certain functions, e.g.,
`bootstrap_link_address` to add your physical link address, or
`base_src` to denote the base library package for your board.

When building, you have to tweak your RUN_OPT variable in addition to
the changes of the REPOSITORIES variable. Just replace the
following lines in your `etc/build.conf`, which otherwise includes

  ifdef KERNEL
  RUN_OPT += --include boot_dir/$(KERNEL)

Instead you would write:

  ifdef KERNEL
  RUN_OPT += --include [path-to-your-repository]/tool/run/boot_dir/$(KERNEL)

I hope that help.

Best regards

> [1]
> https://www.compulab.com/products/iot-gateways/iot-gate-imx8-industrial-arm-iot-gateway/
> Best regards,
> Pirmin
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