Deadlock in combination with pthread, lwip and grpc

Sid Hussmann sid.hussmann at
Fri May 22 14:24:10 CEST 2020

Hi Christian,

On 5/22/20 12:11 PM, Christian Helmuth wrote:

> This assertion seems to be very serious and the code decrements the
> reference counter also if the assertion fails, which should render
> this pbuf not reclaimable for a long time due to the integer
> wrap-around. In my test case the lwip stack stills happily responds to
> ARP and ICMP ping.
> Is my test approach reasonable? Should we hunt the issue depicted above?

It is very reasonable indeed, and we should hunt this issue as well. I ran into this assertion at some point as too. However, I wanted to focus first on the not so obvious "deadlock" problem, and takle the latter after. But I'm open to ideas on how to make lwIP as stable as possible. 
Should we move this discussion to github and create two issues?


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