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Sun May 3 05:04:38 CEST 2020


So I'm not yet able to pin-point the problem. Once I cured the symptom
> by killing the two '/usr/bin/VBoxClient --clipboard' processes and
> starting one instance manually. But that is of course just a hack. The
> trouble supposedly started after I updated my Xubuntu guest OS.
typing VBoxClient --clipboard seemed to fix it, although it's not clear how
because it didn't kill the old processes. But, that's a huge help, because
at least I can copy/paste within the VM. Previous workaround was using the
center-click in X in the VM, which does not seem to get copied to Sculpt
(although center-click in Sculpt seems to paste the regular clipboard -
probably Sculpt only has one clipboard unlike X).

> If you have further observations or even a way to reliably trigger the
> problem, I'd very much appreciate it.

I'll check on this next time I reboot, but I've never "not had" this
problem until now as far as I can remember, so probably my Debian install
triggers it pretty reliably. I'll confirm that when I restart, because for
now it's solved. Two quick observations - copying more than 814 lines of
sequential 3-digit decimal (i.e. 4 bytes a line in UTF-8) gives "Error:
could not write clipboard data." from vbox, but seems to work within the VM
(now). It should be noted that within qt5_textedit the limit appears to be
1018 lines, and within the Sculpt "Files" editor itself much larger copies
are possible (it's difficult to tell because that editor is not
user-friendly when it comes to large files). The VM limit is ballpark for
what I observed before in terms of in-VM copy failures, but I'll have to
double-check when the issue resurfaces. Second observation, sometimes, for
unknown reason, there will be a group of "Error: invalid clipboard xml
syntax" messages from vbox. It seems to happen when the Sculpt editor is

> BTW, if you set the 'verbose="yes"' attribute in the clipboard
> configuration in Sculpt's config fs, you can observe all copy operation
> that arrive at the global clipboard in the log.

Helpful, I have turned this on, thanks.
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