depot_query: segmentation in _query_blueprint?

Roman Iten roman.iten at
Mon Mar 30 17:55:04 CEST 2020

Hi Norman,

Thanks for the hints!

> can you please share which Genode version you are using? I particular, I
> want to ensure that you are using commit [1]. (it would not explain the
> different behavior between x86_64 and ARM though)

The Genode version I use is based on sculpt-20.02 which includes the
commit you mentioned.

It turns out that the problem is related to the runtime file of pkg/chroot:

<runtime ram="1M" caps="100" binary="chroot">

	<requires> <file_system/> </requires>
	<provides> <file_system/> </provides>


		<rom label=""/>
		<rom label="chroot"/>


There's no segfault if I either completely remove the empty
`<config/>`-node or replace it with `<config></config>`.

For me it looks like [1] refers to a similar issue in a different context.



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