Announcement: Sculpt OS version 20.02 released

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Tue Mar 10 11:27:56 CET 2020

Today, we made the Sculpt OS version 20.02 available!

>From the official news announcement at

 Version 20.02 of the Sculpt operating system revisits the
 administrative user interface for a more intuitive and logical user

 With the release of Sculpt version 20.02, we follow our mission [1]
 to make Sculpt OS easier to approach. In particular, we identified
 the reliance on a command-line interface as a potential barrier of
 entry [2]. As Sculpt OS is not a Unix-like system, it should not
 require any Unix know-how from the user. To relieve users from this
 burden, Sculpt 20.02 introduces a custom graphical file browser and
 editor that can be used for interactively inspecting and tweaking
 the state of the system. The traditional command-line interface is
 still present as a fallback for advanced tasks though. The updated
 manual [3] goes into detail about the use of the new system.

 Thanks to the work of seasoned Genode developers, many software
 packages are already available for the new version. These include
 virtual machine monitors like VirtualBox, performance-monitoring
 tools, GUI components, Genode's custom Unix runtime, and several
 applications and games. In particular, the software depots offered
 by alex-ab, cnuke, and skalk are worth exploring. The ready-to-use
 system image for version 20.02 can be obtained from the Sculpt
 download page [1].


I wish you a lot of fun with the new version. To get inspiration about
the various new things to try at home, you may enjoy my recent live demo
of the system presented at FOSDEM:


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