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Martin Stein martin.stein at
Fri Mar 6 16:10:20 CET 2020

Hi Pirmin,

El 21/2/20 a las 14:33, Duss Pirmin escribió:
> I have a JAVA application that I execute on request by starting it in a
> sub init. When debugging why it takes about 6 seconds on x86_64 to
> handle a request I made the discovery that when Java is included via
> `import_from_depot` in the runs script, that the execution time goes
> down to under one second. But when it is included via the depot
> mechanism, the execution is slow.

Just a wild guess - have you tried comparing the binaries used by
import_from_depot (located in <GENODE>/depot/<DEPOT_USER>/bin/...) with
those in the build dir (located in <BUILD_DIR>/bin) ? Maybe they come
from different versions of the source code.

Apart from that, IMO it's hard to tell without more information about
your scenario.


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