Memory bandwidth degradation of Armv8 virtualization

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Tue Jun 9 12:00:46 CEST 2020

Hi Chris,

On Mon, Jun 08, 2020 at 10:33:49PM +0200, Chris Hofer wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm currently measuring the memory bandwidth of the Genode Armv8 Linux
> Virtualization by running tinymembench[1] and lmbench's memory bandwidth[2].
> On the NXP I.mx8 the results of both benchmarks showed a degradation of
> roughly 25 to 35 percent (depending on the exact benchmark) compared to
> native Linux.
> I tried to ensure comparability with the native setup by disabling in native
> Linux all but one core and fixing this core's frequency to 1 GHz (which
> should be the frequency Genode uses). Both setups use the same Kernel
> version.
> To improve the performance I played with the register values controlling
> caching (clear HCR_EL2.CD - enable S2 Data cacheability; VTCR_EL2.Irgn0 and
> VTCR_EL2.Orgn0 respectively set to b11 - set Normal memory, Inner/Outer
> Write-Back Read-allocate No Write-Allocate Cachable). However, this had no
> significant effect.
> What's your opinion on that? Based on your experience with virtualization,
> do these values surprise you or is this an expected degradation?

I would expect the memory bandwidth to be better, but it's more a gut
feeling, I've never measured the memory bandwidth of a virtualized
Linux VM before. What I've measured is the overhead of a 1:1 paged
2-stages mapping using the LPAE on ARMv7, which is using the same
format we've chosen for ARMv8 with respect to page-table depth of
stage1 and stage2. Back then, I've measured a memory bandwidth
degragation of ~4%.

So I assume the VM being scheduled during the time being measured? Are
there any other components running, like user-land timer, drivers,
etc? If so, it would naturally explain why you loose time for copying
during your measurement time-span.

Best regards

> All the best,
> Chris
> [1]
> [2]

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