Wifi drivers in Sculpt OS

Colin Parker cvparker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 04:17:26 CET 2020

   I am new to Genode/Sculpt and have been trying to get it working on my
somewhat old Mac Mini. I eventually succeeded to make it boot, by disabling
some unnecessary drivers like PS2. However, wifi doesn't work, and I would
like that feature. There is an internal wifi card in the computer that
doesn't work on Linux, so I bought a USB dongle that I've been using (with
Linux). From looking at some of the source, it seems most of the drivers
are brought in from Linux, but, I'm not sure if or how wifi usb is
supported. There's a usb_net.list but I can't figure out if it includes
wifi. Is this something that would be easy to add? Is bringing drivers over
a pretty simple process like copying a few files or is it an extensive
effort? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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