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Martin Stein martin.stein at
Thu Jan 23 09:24:21 CET 2020

Hi John,

A quick 'find . -name *.xsd*' reveals:


We implemented support for automatic XSD checking in the run tool some
time ago [1] but only a handful of components have an XSD by now.



El 22/1/20 a las 19:37, John J. Karcher escribió
> I had a small thought related to this: Are there any XSD (XML schema)
> files for the configuration files?
> This would make it easier to use a generic XML editor, not to mention
> custom tools or IDE plug-ins, to write these files.  Considering how
> regular the formats are, the resulting XSD could be very clean.
>  Thanks!
>   John J. Karcher
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