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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Fri Jan 17 13:48:50 CET 2020

Hi Cedrik,

> Genode's philosophy seems to be "don't deny complexity, but organize it". So it would be an interesting challenge: would 
> implementing workspaces entail big changes in nitpicker? in wm? How to reconcile the need for a low number of source-
> code lines, with the need for additional, complex features -- it might justify offering several w.m.'s (which I think is already 
> the case), of varying degrees of complexity, so that users have a choice between high reliability (but somewhat restricted) 
> wm's and more feature-rich wm's implementing workspaces, at the expense of possibly more bugs.

the design of the existing architecture (nitpicker + wm + layouter +
decorator) already anticipates these concerns but the current version of
Sculpt still hides this potential somewhat. I remained rather low-key
about it because we had to nail down other (non-GUI) aspects of Sculpt

The current architecture already has the right hooks for implementing a
rich feature set, including workspaces or a panel. It's just a matter of
using (and possibly refining) those hooks. During 2020, I plan to put
the GUI architecture more and more into the spotlight, possibly via a
couple of Genodians articles.

The dual-head support is a different topic though. This one calls for
non-trivial interface and architectural changes.


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