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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Fri Jan 17 13:31:04 CET 2020

Hi Tomasz,

thank you for sharing your perspective on the project and your plans.

The Rpi topic is indeed a huge project. While following your
conversations with Stefan on the issue tracker from the side lines, I
admire your perseverance with dealing with this rabbit hole. Your vision
to bring Sculpt to this broadly accessible and cheap platform is very

> On a completely different territory I'd like to investigate
> possibilities to allow working with Genode code in some big programming
> environments - I'm thinking about Eclipse since I have some experience
> with it. I understand that everyone here knows organisation of code in
> Genode repository well enough to know where to look and finding proper
> places for modifications/improvements and I'm also getting used to it
> but I also remember how hard it was for me year ago to browse the
> code. Nowadays programmers are used to have code completion and
> integrated debugging in one environment and I think that such
> integration would lower the amount of time required to start coding for
> Genode and potentially attract new people.

I like this idea a lot!

In fact, the topic of an IDE for Genode development pops up again and
again. But since everyone at Genode Labs uses plain Unix+Vim as
development environment, we are unable to give a satisfactory answer. We
wish there was a compelling solution but we have none, and - given that
we are no IDE users - we are probably not right persons to develop one.
Since you are used to IDEs, you are in a much better position.

Should you step forward with offering a solution, be it in the form of
documentation about how to set up an IDE for Genode development or in
the form of a customized IDE, this solution will surely meet a demand.

Maybe this line of work could go even hand in hand with Goa?


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