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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Fri Jan 3 14:09:44 CET 2020

Hi Dave,

>      Being a visual thinker I am drawn to the concept embodied in
> Eaglemode. I do not know how or how well the software is excecuted, but
> for me at least being able to to see the structure 'from above' is
> appealing. As far as being keyboard friendly I can't say, but the idea
> of having a window/file manager with these capabilities seems very
> useful. Just my two cents worth.

the Eaglemode ZUI looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the link.

With my work in the foreseeable future, I'll concentrate on Sculpt's
administrative interface though. It will be as bare-bones as I can get
away with. My main concern is to keep the code complexity at a level
that is suitable for thorough analysis/evaluation/verification.

I have not studdied the Eaglemode project in detail. It surely looks
like a tempting system to deploy on top of Sculpt. On the other hand,
the listed requirements contain quite a few road blocks, i.e., Xlib.


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