virtual memory usage of base-linux components

Duss Pirmin pirmin.duss at
Mon Feb 17 11:29:20 CET 2020

Hello Genodians

I'm running a scenario on base-linux on a system that has virtual memory
over commit disabled.

While debugging startup problems of this scenario on the target system I
realized that at "random" components didn't start without any hints in
the log.

`strace` showed that the component that wasn't running (often timer) was
terminated very early with SIGSEGV. A look at htop showed that each
Genode component uses about 420 MB of virtual memory. lx_hybrid
components on the other hand "only" about 170 MB.

Can anybody give me some hints on where should start my quest to reduce
the virtual memory footprint of Genode components on base-linux?

Regards, Pirmin

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