Wifi drivers in Sculpt OS

Colin Parker cvparker at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 05:28:10 CET 2020

Hi Stefan,
    Thank you so much!

> I think in case of networking, you can expose the network facility of
> the guest OS, which uses the dedicated USB-Wifi card, via the virtual
> NIC provided by Virtualbox. The nic_router component in Genode should
> be able to mark the domain of your guest OS to be the uplink for other
> domains. With the corresponding routing rules within your guest Linux
> you should be able to route requests from other Genode components to
> the USB-Wifi card.
> Of course, this is a functional solution, but not a favored one with
> respect to minimal complexity ;-).

Indeed, I was able to get this working. I am able to write this message
from within a TinyCore VM, which is connected through Sculpt to a Debian
VM. It is as you say not ideal, and it takes a bit of setup, but that's
partly because Debian is not configured to act as a router by default. The
routing within Sculpt was not so difficult once I understood the concept
that "policy" can be used in place of "uplink" and still provides network
to the outside world. However, the way I made it work was to replace the
/config/managed/nic_router with /config/nic_router, but it then displays
only "Local" under Network in the Leitzentrale. This works for the VMs but
has the side effect that the depot cannot be accessed by Sculpt. Do you
know if the launcher (or whatever other part if I misunderstood) can be
"fooled" into attempting to download from depot even when it thinks the
connection is local?

P.S. Eventually it would be good to replace Debian with a very small VM
just dedicated to the WiFi driver, can the Sculpt version of vbox or seoul
run headless?

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