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Mon Dec 21 12:13:24 CET 2020

Hi Alex,

thanks for joining the discussion. I appreciate your review and thoughts!

Remembering that you suggested the load-balancing topic for the 2020
road map in the first place, it is particularly good to see how it got
interwoven with the challenges that came with the Scrcpy topic. What a
nice coincidence.

>From my perspective, your series of articles and the accompanied video
captures were always fascinating to read/watch. They gave lively
insights into otherwise very technical topics. I'd love to see you
continuing to speak about your work in this way.

> For the next year, I would like to see progress in the following topics and I'm willing to work on them and/or contribute to:
> * Extended desktop support using multiple monitors (so, not just mirroring as today) with Sculpt OS.
> * Update of our Intel GPU work (done some years ago) and integrate with Sculpt OS, e.g. make it usable in a daily fashion.
> * I really would like to move my daily developer load (edit/compile/link/run) out of a VM. This is possible since long time, but requires better integration with Sculpt and performance improvements on various edges.
> * Extend easiness of writing multithreaded service/multiplexer components. In principle this is possible, but requires some love and extensions to minimize unnecessary cross CPU load.
> * SMMU (read: I/O-MMU by ARM) in our own base-hw kernel.

These are all important topics. They certainly deserve to be on the road

It's good to see your interest even in unexpected areas such as the GPU
work. Your point about the developer load seems perfectly in line with
the optimization theme I suggested.

Of your topics, the multi-head topic is certainly the most vague. At the
driver side, I see what to do. But the topic will have to touch the
entire GUI stack (drivers, nitpicker, window management, dpi
considerations, configuration interfaces, Sculpt). Given the wide scope,
I sense that we ultimately need to define intermediate goals.


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