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Michael Grunditz michael.grunditz at
Fri Dec 18 15:22:53 CET 2020

Hi everyone,

I was reading the 2020 reflections on Genode.

Here is my plans for 2021 related to Genode:

Make the RK3399 port complete which for example includes PineBook Pro.
HDMI will be easy, and I think eDP will be as well. The question is if
doing it with DDE-Linux or from scratch. The RK3399 port is really
only a exercise for me , since we already is on our way with a native
port of RISC OS. But I guess a port of Genode can be useful for
RISC OS kernel running on top of base-hw , big project:
The RISC OS kernel is written in ARM assembler, I will attempt to
bring it over to C.
Replace HAL with Genode facilities.
Write some kind of emulation layer. RISC OS uses SWI for everything
and that will not work on 64bit. It will be important to be able to
run 32bit programs.
Bring up Genode on all future aarch64 systems!
Bring up Genode on A64... I guess it might have been done partly
already. It is the SoC that PinePhone is built on. I have been in the
team porting  RISC OS to A64 , so I know a few things. The only thing
we haven't done natively is graphics. The only doc for DE 2.0 is a
register description (VERY large document). No appnotes which makes it
close to impossible to do without looking at BSP. We used simplefb ,
that is , starting graphics in uboot and use the resulting
framebuffer. NetBSD also does graphics this way.
Learn to use the DDE-Linux.

I hope that 2021 will be healthier :)

Best regards,
Michael Grundiitz

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