Announcement: Genode OS Framework version 20.08 released

Matthew Robbetts wingfeathera at
Fri Aug 28 12:21:25 CEST 2020

> On Aug 28, 2020, at 3:14 AM, Norman Feske <norman.feske at> wrote:
> I'm happy to announce today's release of Genode 20.08. The two most
> prominent topics of the new version are our port of the Chromium web
> engine and the redesign of the low-level GUI stack.
> With the Chromium engine, we expose Genode to an extremely heavy-weight
> workload, which stresses the framework like never before on many levels,
> from the quality of our POSIX runtime, the ability to bridge 3rd-party
> build systems with Genode, to the performance and robustness of our
> native protocol stacks (TCP/IP, graphics, file-system access). So the
> collateral improvements while porting this behemoth of software are
> valuable for the users of the framework at large.
> The rework of the framework's low-level GUI stack is the result of a
> design and planning phase of over two years. With the architectural
> change conducted during this release cycle, we clear the path for the
> ability to swap-out graphics and input drivers on the fly without
> reboot, and to realize features like screen capturing and remote desktop
> scenarios in a privacy-protecting way.
> Besides these highlights, the release comes with plentiful improvements
> ranging from hardware-support (i.MX8), over the modularisation of CBE
> block encryptor, to CPU-affinity management for Sculpt OS.
> A quick summary of the most visible topics:
> - Redesigned low-level GUI stack
>  - Removal of drivers from the trusted computing base
>  - Consistent use of 32 bits per pixel
> - Improved Qt5 integration and work flows
> - Chromium engine and Falkon web browser
> - Pluggable crypto and trust anchor for the CBE block encrypter
> - Device drivers and platforms
>  - ARM Trusted Firmware access
>  - Power and clock management for i.MX 8M Quad SoC
> - New block server backed by VFS content
> - New port of SDL2 library
> - Interactive CPU-affinity management for Sculpt OS
> You can find all the details in the release documentation at
> Enjoy!

I just want to say, the Genode releases (and their fantastic write-ups) are honestly some of the highlights of my year. I await every one eagerly.

Please keep up the incredible work! I am convinced that the future of the computing itself looks an awful lot like Genode.


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