Can't run runscript gdb_monitor_interactive

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Fri Oct 25 14:36:33 CEST 2019

I've run into (something similar to) this before; in my case it was check_xml_syntax() which calls xmllint to check the "config" file, instead of check xsd() calling xmllint, but this might apply anyway: I found that I could temporarily comment out the call to xmllint and some of the supporting (upstream) code without harm, in order to get going and allow me to postpone deep examination of the problem to sometime later.

The downside is that if there ever is an actual XML (xsd) error, instead of being explicitely warned you'll instead get odd, hard-to-understand errors downstream. So best to look into the error "for real" sooner than later, if you use gdb_monitor_interactive for a prolonged time .


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hopting to have working gdb to debug apps inside gendode I try to compile gdb_monitor_interactive for nova kernel x64 
I use 19.8 version,

make -C build/x86_64/ VERBOSE= VERBOSE_MK= VERBOSE_DIR= MAKEFLAGS=--trace  KERNEL=nova run/gdb_monitor_interactive

I use symlinks to assemble  genode dir (mounted inside build VM from host).

In log I found

genode build completed

checking configuration syntax

can't read "init_xsd_file": no such variable

    while executing

"check_config init [run_dir]/genode/config $init_xsd_file init $xsd_files $xsd_inc 0"

    (procedure "build_boot_image" line 32)


Probably this portion of run script fail:

# determine which XSD file to use for the init config

foreach xsd_file $xsd_files {

set filename [file tail $xsd_file]

if {$filename == "init.xsd"} {

set init_xsd_file $xsd_file



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