Depot autopilot vs base-linux with seccomp and per-session socket

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Thu Oct 10 11:37:58 CEST 2019

Hello Stefan,

> First the depot autopilot uses significantly more distinct syscalls and
> I dont quite understand why that is. The syscalls used above those used
> by the basic test-log are: clone, getpid, sigaltstack, rt_sigaction,
> gettimeofday, nanosleep
> Can anyone explain why these are nessecary?

you can spot these places by grep'ping for the syscalls within the
base-linux repository. E.g.,

  grep -ri gettimeofday repos/base-linux

In short, 'clone', 'getpid', 'signalstack' (I just noticed that the code
misspelles this word as 'sigalstack'), 'sigaction' are required by
multi-threaded applications. These system calls are required to spawn a
new thread in the local address space of a component.

The 'gettimeofday' system call is solely needed the by timer driver, for
obvious reasons. Granted, it would be nice to restrict the use of this
system call to only this component, but from the tip of my head, I have
no good idea how to accomplish such a distinction.

The 'nanosleep' system call appears in the timer driver and at a few
places of the base library (winding down a thread, thread yield, and
infinite blocking). Those latter cases may potentially be addressed by
other means. I'm certainly open for suggestions. ;-)

> The other problem I couldn't solve up to now is that the depot autopilot
> seems to use many more sessions than the scenario itself. Even for the
> basic test-log scenario at least 512 sessions are used by a single
> process as it fails due to running out of socket descriptors when a
> socketpair per session is used.

The scenario is much more complex compared to an individual test. So a
higher number of sessions is plausible. That said, I agree that a peak
of 512 sessions is intuitively much higher than one would expect.

> Can anyone explain this behavior? Might there be stale sessions (leak)
> in the depot autopilot?

I have no explanation, unfortunately,

A leak of stale sessions seems unlikely to me. The nightly runs of
depot_autopilot execute more than 80 tests (most of them consist of
several components running) in sequence without hitting the regular FD
limit on Linux. With the amount of component creation and destruction
happening, a leak would presumably have bitten us already.


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