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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Fri Oct 4 08:32:54 CEST 2019

Hi John,

> Now I'm really confused.  Just a few minutes after writing that, I tried
> it again, and the Inspect window started working.  I've booted several
> more times since, and the Inspect window now works reliably.  The WiFi
> network scanning also started finding the hotspots, but it doesn't seem
> to be able to connect.  (It has no trouble in Linux.)
> That's at least a big improvement over the previous situation.  Now it
> should be a lot easier to copy files around.
> Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.

may the difference (working/non-working) correlate with booting
without/with USB stick plugged in? If yes, I can offer a vague explanation:

On boot up, the Sculpt manager looks through all connected storage
devices to determine the Genode partition according to the policy
described at [1]. In this phase, the Sculpt manager spawns a USB block
device driver for each connected USB-storage device. As we noticed, USB
storage seems to get stuck on your machine. Consequently, the probing
phase won't ever finish, which prevents the Sculpt manager from entering
its regular state of operation. The corresponding logic inside the
Sculpt manager is implemented at [2] (should you wish to tweak it).


It just crossed my mind that it might be interesting to try out our
recent componentized USB driver ('usb_host') on your machine. Sculpt
still uses the old (monolithic) one currently, which is based on an
older Linux kernel than the new (componentized) one. For reference, you
can find an example run script demonstrating the new driver at [3].
Since you don't have any serial output (I guess your machine does not
feature AMT, or does it?), I'm afraid that you might need to extend this
run script with a framebuffer driver, nitpicker, nit_fb, terminal, and
terminal_log to get meaningful information out of it, though.



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