x86 virtualization on Ryzen

Nobody III hungryninja101 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 08:25:33 CET 2019

With the relatively new generic virtualization interface, Seoul is now able
to run on my AMD Ryzen machine. However, VirtualBox still crashes when
starting the VM. With the NOVA-specific interface, it would die from an
unresolved page fault, while with the generic interface, it throws a
general exception that doesn't seem to give much information. I don't have
the log on hand right now; otherwise I would specify the exception. What
differences are there that could make VirtualBox fail while Seoul works
fine? My UEFI version should be new enough to have the Ryzen CPUID issue
patched, so that shouldn't be the problem, but I don't know how to
empirically rule that out.
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