Building "gdb_monitor_interactive" problem

Marcin.Motylinski at Marcin.Motylinski at
Thu Nov 21 12:33:56 CET 2019

I try to find a way to debug components under Genode. My target platform is Linux kernel that runs on x86_64 platform, but as it was stated in document one is not supported for now. Is it true? Can I expect any support in future?

Anyway, I tried to build and run "gdb_monitor_interactive" example, using Fiasco.OC and x86_32 platform. For now, I'm facing following issue:

Program lib/ld/foc/ld-foc
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/marcin/projects/genode/build/x86_32'
genode build completed
using 'core-foc-pc.o' as 'core.o'
using '' as ''
error copying "bin/": no such file or directory
    while executing
"file copy -force bin/[kernel_specific_binary $binary] [run_dir]/genode/$binary"
    (procedure "copy_genode_binaries_to_run_dir" line 4)
    invoked from within
"copy_genode_binaries_to_run_dir $modules"
    (procedure "build_core_image" line 12)
    invoked from within
"build_core_image $binaries"
    (procedure "run_boot_dir_x86" line 21)
    invoked from within
"run_boot_dir_x86 $binaries"
    (procedure "run_boot_dir" line 3)
    invoked from within
"run_boot_dir $binaries"
    (procedure "build_boot_image" line 34)
    invoked from within
"build_boot_image $boot_modules"
    (file "/home/marcin/projects/genode/repos/ports/run/" line 94)
    invoked from within
"source $include_name"
    ("foreach" body line 6)
    invoked from within
"foreach include_name [get_cmd_arg --include ""] {
	# first check if the include name is absolute
	if {[string first "/" $include_name] == 0} {
		puts ..."
    (file "/home/marcin/projects/genode/tool/run/run" line 1006)
Makefile:323: recipe for target 'run/gdb_monitor_interactive' failed
make: *** [run/gdb_monitor_interactive] Error 1

when I'm running 'make run/gdb_monitor_interactive KERNEL=foc' under x86_32 platform. There's no '' in build folder tree, only '' exists.

I'm using Genode 19.08.

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