Java fails to start when classes.tar is not loaded via the vfs tar plugin

Duss Pirmin pirmin.duss at
Thu Nov 21 12:28:32 CET 2019

Hello Sebastian
On 21.11.19 10:53, Sebastian Sumpf wrote:
> I have tried to reproduce your issue by applying your commit and testing
> it on base-hw in Qemu (pbxa9). This worked so far. The
> 'NoClassDefFoundError' usually occurs if something goes wrong during
> class compilation or dependency loading, or something is corrupt. If
> Java could not find a class it would throw a 'ClassNotFoundException'.
> Regards,
> Sebastian

I'm not sure, if I interpret your response correctly. Does the modified
run script succeed on your setup (base-hw on ARM)?
I have tried it on PC (linux, base-hw and base-nova) and it fails on all
kernels for me.

I'm using the same classes.tar. If the file is directly configured in
the <vfs> node of JAVA, execution succeeds. But if the tar is included
in the VFS-server and JAVA "mounts" the file system from it, the error
If I set the -verbose argument for JAVA, I see, that about 140 classes
are loaded successfully before the error occurs.


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