Java fails to start when classes.tar is not loaded via the vfs tar plugin

Duss Pirmin pirmin.duss at
Wed Nov 20 17:33:12 CET 2019

Hello Genodians

I'm tying to optimize the startup time of a java application (ARM
board), as starting the JVM takes several seconds on our board.

To do this, I tried to move the classes.tar in to a separate vfs
component [1]. This crashes the JVM with the following error message:

[init -> java] Error occurred during initialization of VM
[init -> java] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
[init -> java] 	at
[init -> java] 	at java.lang.Module.<clinit>(java.base/

Can anyone tell me, why this happens?
Is there a way to fix this?


Best regards,

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