My personal wishlist

Joel Desermeau joeldesermeau at
Sun Mar 31 20:29:26 CEST 2019

Stickynotes are cute and would be easy to implement, but here is my real Genode wishlist:

Email client - I would be happy with anything
IRC client - I love communicating with IRC chat, and the folks at #genode are very helpful :)
RSS Reader - I have my most important news sent to me via RSS, and it seems most Genodians like RSS as well
Native Firefox - this is but a dream
Office Suite - I hear LibreOffice is being ported to Genode?? Cool stuff indeed
VPN - Wireguard/OpenVPN
GUI audio player

With all of this, I would be able to switch to Genode without needing to virtualize anything. I would be as happy as a clam
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